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Capturing Fleeting Memories with your Children

Reading and Story Generation with your child using Artificial Intelligence

Encouraging your Child to read through Storytelling

We focus on parents and grandparents interacting with a child through Storytelling assisted by Artificial Intelligence. We believe the key is dedicating time to the child. Reading or Storytelling is a way to gain attention. The three essential components for children are 1) Books, 2) Dedicated Time, and 3) Focused Interaction. Below is a link to a Story we generated with AI.

How do we create stories?

You and your child provide the characters, the setting, the action, the challenges, and motivations. The more detail, the more fun. AI then generates a story and prompts for additional detail or modifications. It’s all about the process, working with your child and modifying the AI generated story in several iterations. We encourage you to create a story with your child at this link: Story Generation.

Our Offer

You must Register to create an account to access Story Generation. Our Offer: the first month is free, after that the subscription to cover the AI compute power is $10 for the first year and $30 for succeeding years.

For more information on our efforts please review my 6 minute video in Voyage of Discovery with Rapidly Evolving AI. You can also consult the Table of Contents for a guide to content.

There are many ways that you can contribute.

Contribute plot, characters, and stories which will be used to generate future stories. Develop your unique ideas by contributing a blog. Or perhaps as a parent or grandparent you wish to capture memories of your child to cherish. Here is what we did with Jackson, my grandson Creating stories with Jackson, a pre-reader

Feel free to Contact Us with your ideas.