Our Offer

Were you ever awakened deep in the night with an idea?  I am sure that many of you successful people exploited those ideas into careers and businesses. Well here is our IDEA.

Our Voyage of Discovery post and accompanying video initiated the launch of NebulaNLP.  Nebula for Hazel’s middle name NLP, for Natural Language Processing. We will provide many links to this content. 

What do we mean ‘In to the Future’?

We are offering Jack’s expertise for video shoots at your home or vacation place to capture the third generation — your grandchildren. How did we arrive at this idea. NebulaNLP uses Artificial Intelligence to generate stories with parents, grandparents and children. 

Here’s how it works.  

The child with some mild coaxing or props starts a story. Presently we are working with pre-readers.

The parent adds to the story.

We iterate several times through this process.

The child may be aided by drawing or playing with characters. 

The unexpected dividend of our shoot were the amazing outtakes of Jackson, my grandchild, doing unexpected things. We will provide links to these.

Most importantly we seemed to have captured a ‘slice of time’ to be treasured forever. How many opportunities in life do we have to do this?

If interested please contact us at Contact Us for additional information and pricing. Treasure your families.