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Capturing Fleeting Memories with your Children

Reading and Story Generation with your child using Artificial Intelligence

Encouraging your Child to read through Storytelling

We focus on parents and grandparents interacting with a child through Storytelling assisted by Artificial Intelligence. We believe the key is dedicating time to the child. Games or Storytelling is a way to gain attention. The three essential components for children are 1) Books, 2) Dedicated Time, and 3) Focused Interaction.

There has been a steady progression of AI exceeding human performance. This includes chess, go, spam detection, image recognition, and sentiment analysis. Where and Why is this happening?  We have all at least experimented with Siri. Call centers are rapidly being transformed from humans to Speech Recognition and response with ‘chat boxes’ powered by Natural Language Processing. We will discuss these revolutionary changes in Language Understanding and Image Generation in future Posts.

When I wrote this in June of 2022 Story Generation was a hard problem. Why, because a story is composed from, hopefully, a plot, characters, changing moods, and narrative development {long term dependencies across the pages). Each of these were a challenge for 2022 AI algorithms. Rapid advances have made Story Generation possible. Here is a story we created with June 2024 AI: Fearless Princess Hazel

For more information on our efforts please review my 6 minute video in Voyage of Discovery with Rapidly Evolving AI. You can also consult the Table of Contents for a guide to content: Table of Contents a summary of the sites content.

There are many ways that you can contribute.

Contribute plot, characters, and stories which will be used to generate future stories. Develop your unique ideas by contributing a blog. Or perhaps as a parent or grandparent you wish to capture memories of your child to cherish. Here is what we did with Jackson, my grandson Creating stories with Jackson, a pre-reader

Feel free to Contact Us with your ideas.