Experiment with Story Telling

Now its time for you to experiment with the OpenAI model GPT-2. This is available at: https://app.inferkit.com/demo

Unfortunately, until recently, there is not a constraint on model size or training time when evaluating “best models”. This has led to an arms race in size represented by the graph. The following graph lists “best model” by year against the number of parameters (in billions). We use the GPT-2 Model through an interface created by InferKit. The GPT-3 Model is currently restricted because of size.

Exponential increase in Model Size

I will address some of the models in the graph below in future posts. However; now it is your turn to use a model to generate stories.

Model Size (Billions of parameters) plotted against Model by year

Your turn to create a Story

The GPT-2 Model is available for experimentation at: https://app.inferkit.com/demo

I typed: I was hiking in the mountains at twilight when it became eerily quiet. The site responded: Suddenly I heard a very loud knock at the door and I quickly opened it to find a very excited looking man sitting alone on my bed. I put my coat on and asked what the hell was going on. “Dinner?” he replied with a laugh when I asked if he was hungry.

The size of your story and response is large (3,000 characters). Therefore; I went to a favorite dialogue from Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.

I typed: ‘He likes to have his own way very well,’ replied Colonel Fitzwilliam. ‘But so we all do. It is only that he has better means of having it than many others, because he is rich, and many others are poor. I speak feelingly. A younger son, you know, must be enured to self-denial and dependence.’ ‘In my opinion, the younger son of an earl can know very little of either. Now, seriously, what have you been prevented by want of money from going wherever you chose, or procuring any thing you had a fancy for?’

The site responded: ‘All this wealth,’ said Col. Fitzwilliam, with a merry air, ‘has been the object of much toil, and much struggle, and much of the utmost prudence and self-restraint on the part of me. The original gratification has been considerable, but, besides, I have been in despair for several years; for in the way I think of my duties, I ought to be in a perpetual state of anxiety lest I do not do them; and then, no

I believe with some experimentation you will be convinced that AI is not ready for Story Generation.

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